Palava City

Project Description

PALAVA : India’s First operational Smart City

Over 60% of the total area of Palava is dedicated to open spaces; with over 25% set aside for parks, playing fields and recreation grounds (the ratio is 10 times higher than that of Mumbai). These green spaces both energise citizens with fresh air and provide enough space for them to jog, cycle and indulge in a number of athletic activities.

  • A 100-acre central park much like the one in New York.
  • Private gardens and playgrounds in each development.
  • Neighbourhood gardens.
  • A long riverfront with promenades,
  • theatres and cafés.
  • Over 10 kilometres of green pathways formed by
  • interconnected parks.
  • Over 2 lacs trees will be planted across the city to improve
  • the quality of air, 70% of which will be grown
  • in Palava’s local nursery. This city does not limit greenery to parks.
  • In Palava, sophisticated sports facilities are available to anyone
  • with a dream. This city does not believe in half measures.

Palava offers numerous facilities to ensure its citizens’ safety so that your family can feel safe, day and night.

Live Preview
  • Skills:

    • Design
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript
    • Backend